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Selected Publications 


2023. (with Bram Lancee, María Ramos, Susanne  Veit and Ruta Yemane). “In Your Face: A Comparative Field Experiment on Racial Discrimination in Europe”. Socio-Economic Review, mwad009,

2022. (with Maricia Fischer-Souan). "The boundary within: Are applicants of Southern European descent discriminated against in Northern European job markets?". Socio-Economic Review, mwac047,

2021. (with Gunn E. Birkelund, Bram Lancee, Edvard, Nergård Larsen, Jonas Radl, J. and Ruta Yemane. “Gender Discrimination in Hiring: Evidence from a Cross-National Harmonized Field Experiment” European Sociological Review,  jcab043,

2021. (with Lucinda Platt and Jonas Radl). "Which Integration Policies Work? The Heterogenous Impact of National Institutions on Immigrants' Labour Market Attainment in Europe”. International Migration Review, OnilneFirst, DOI 10.1177/01979183211032677

2020. (with Henning Finseraas and Andreas Kotsadam). "Ancestry Culture, Assimilation, and Voter Turnout in Two Generations”. Political Behavior,42,  OnlineFirst, DOI 10.1007/s11109-020-09617-2

2018. (with Oliver Strijbis). "Immigrants against immigration: Competition, identity and immigrants’ vote on free movement in Switzerland". Electoral Studies, 56:150–157.

2018. (with Mariña Fernández-Reino and María Ramos). "Are Migrants Selected on Motivational Orientations? Selectivity Patterns amongst International Migrants in Europe”. European Sociological Review,  34(5):570-588.

2017. "Culture as a Random Treatment: A Reply to Chou". American Sociological Review, 82(2): 444-450. 

2016. (with Lucinda Platt). "Saying and Doing Gender: The Intergenerational Transmission of Attitudes towards the Sexual Division of Labour”. European Sociological Review, 32(6): 820-834.

2016. “Labour-Market Competition, Recession and Anti-Immigrant Sentiments in Europe: Occupational and Environmental Drivers of Competitive Threat". Socio-Economic Review, 14(3): 395-417.


2015. “Capturing Culture: A New Method to Estimate Exogenous Cultural Effects using Migrant Populations”. American Sociological Review, 80(1): 166-191.


2014. (with Lucinda Platt). “Nurse or Mechanic?  The Role of Parental Socialization and Children’s Personality in the Formation of Sex-Typed Occupational Aspirations”. Social Forces, 93(1): 31-61. 


2013. “Economic Crisis, Political Legitimacy and Social Cohesion” in Duncan Gallie (ed.) Economic Crisis, Quality of Work and Social Integration: The European Experience. Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp. 256-278.


2012. “Socially-Embedded Investments: Explaining Gender Differences in Job-Specific Skills”. American Journal of Sociology, 118 (3): 592-634.


2012 (with Francesc Ortega). “Labor-Market Exposure as a Determinant of Attitudes toward Immigration”. Labour Economics, 19: 298-311.


2011 (with Stefannie Brodmann). “Immigrants in Denmark: An Analysis of Access to Employment, Class Attainment and Earnings in a High-Skilled Economy”. International Migration, 49: 58–90.


2009. “Domestic Supply, Job-Specialisation and Sex-Differences in Pay”. Social Indicators Research, 93(3):587-605.


2008. “The Effect of Occupational Sex-Composition on Earnings: Job-Specialisation, Sex-Role Attitudes and the Division of Domestic Labour in Spain”. European Sociological Review, 24(2):199-213.  


2006. “The Incidence of Temporary Employment in Advanced Economies: Why is Spain Different?”. European Sociological Review, 22(1): 61-78.


2005. “Task-Specificity and the Gender Wage Gap: Theoretical Considerations and Empirical Analysis of the Spanish Survey on Wage Structure”. European Sociological Review, 21(2): 165-181. 


2005. “Flexibility or Polarization? Temporary Employment and Job Tasks in Spain”. Socio-Economic Review, 3(2): 233-258. 


2003. “Temporary Contracts and Labour Market Segmentation in Spain: An Employment-Rent Approach”. European Sociological Review, 19(5): 501-517.


2003. Estables y Precarios: Desregulación Laboral y Estratificación Social en España. Madrid: Siglo XXI/Centro de Investigaciones Sociológicas.

2001. Insiders and Outsiders: Structure and Consciousness Effects of Labour Market Deregulation in Spain (1984-1997). Madrid: Instituto Juan March de Estudios e Investigaciones.

2001 (with Andrew Richards). “Trade Unions, Unemployment and Working Class Fragmentation in Spain”. In Nancy Bermeo (ed.) Unemployment in the New Europe. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

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